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Find Your Bliss With Our Los Cabos Spa Treatments

Indulge your senses to capture a personal moment of serenity created just for you. The luxurious Grande Playa Spa is a private sanctuary where we welcome you for a tailored relaxation experience through a menu of soothing body treatments. From healing massage to warm hydrotherapy and hands-on body cures, our Los Cabos spa specializes in uniquely personalized service that combines the best of Mexican culture with exceptional bath and beauty products from around the globe. Spoil yourself at our delightful spa and discover an indelible balance of mind, body and deep relaxation here at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.


Soothe sore muscles and relax away the effects of day-to-day stress with our menu of luxurious massage services.
Relaxing Massage
Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa offering Relaxing Massage Unwind with a traditional full-body massage that relieves tension, improves circulation and leaves you calm and carefree. Book Now
Personalized Massage
Personalized Massage in Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa Customize your massage experience with Swedish, anti-spasm, deep tissue, and trigger point techniques to focus on the areas that need extra attention. Book Now
Ayurveda Abhyanga
Ayurveda Abhyanga in Cabo San Lucas Resort Translated as "lovely hands," this treatment uses the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine for a warm oil massage focused on your individual constitution (dosha). Book Now
Shiro-Abhyanga Massage
Cabo San Lucas Resort offering Shiro-Abhyanga Massage Find tranquility with healing warm sesame and essential herbal oils, a gentle, yet stimulating, cranial massage, and a soothing full-body abhyanga massage. Book Now
Four Hands Massage
Four Hands Massage at Mexico Resort Replenish body and soul with a tandem massage designed to regulate muscle tone, enhance circulation and release toxins. Book Now
Bamboo Massage
Bamboo Massage in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa A symbol of strength, youth, prosperity, and peace, bamboo is heated to provide an innovative relaxation technique and create an extreme sensation of well-being. Book Now
Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage is aviliable at Mexico Resort Warm river stones penetrate the body with soothing heat to dissolve stress, relieve tension and create a sense of balance and calm. Book Now
Playa Grande Signature Massage
Playa Grande Signature Massage Our unique treatment combines Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, and bamboo massage techniques to transport your body and mind to a state of total bliss. Book Now
Herbal infusion Massage
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa offering Herbal infusion Massage This Indian style massage uses healing herbal pouches to reduce stress, balance internal energy and encourage quick recovery. Book Now
Mother to Be Massage
Mother to Be Massage is availiable at Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Our expertly trained therapists provide soothing relief with a safe, full body perinatal massage that focuses on stressed areas like the lower back and legs. Book Now
Essential Head & Feet Massage
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Essential Head & Feet Massage Relieve built-up mental stress with this unique treatment that incorporates a relaxing combination of Indian and Asian techniques. Book Now
Classic Back & Neck Massage
Classic Back & Neck Massage in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Enjoy soothing relief with our classic back and neck massage. This service can be upgraded to your preference by adding any of our extra services. Book Now
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Reflexology Massage This deeply relaxing treatment focuses on finger pressure, kneading, rotation, and rubbing the reflex points on your feet to provide benefits throughout the body. Book Now
Soothing Foot Massage
Foot Massage facilities in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Relieve the fatigue of sore, overworked feet, tone muscles and relax your mind with this simple massage that's a truly incomparable pleasure. Book Now
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa offering Watsu Massage Technicians gently cradle, stretch and massage your body in warm water with a unique process designed for deep relaxation through passive aquatic therapy. Book Now
Anti-Aging Marine Collagen Facial
Anti-aging Marine Collagen Facial in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Repair tired skin while enhancing elasticity with our special treatment that reduces fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet to slow the signs of premature aging. You'll enjoy a more youthful appearance after just one treatment. Book Now
Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C Facial
Anti-Oxidant Vitamin C facial facilities in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Recapture youthful luminosity with an aromatherapy experience that awakens the senses to showcase your radiant face. Delicious citrus essences and rich hydration heals mistreated skin with the extraordinary anti-oxidant energy of Vitamin C. Book Now
Detox Facial Cure
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa offering The Detox Facial Cure This exceptional deep-cleaning facial cure detoxifies the skin with warm thermo-active enzymes and pampering botanicals for pure, glowing skin. Book Now
Diamond Life Infusion
Diamond Life Infusion Facial at Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Experience unprecedented rejuvenation with this intensive treatment that creates firmer, more luminous skin. This amazing "youth elixir" unveils renewed skin that is soft, smooth and wonderfully rejuvenated. Book Now
Diamond Whitening Facial
Diamond Whitening facial at Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Designed to renew and illuminate, our depigmentation treatment creates smooth, spot-free skin for remarkably even tone and texture. Targeted spot-correcting ingredients provide cumulative results to reduce aging pigment imbalances. Book Now
Express Facial
Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa offering Express Facial Enjoy maximum results in minimum time with our unique facial that refreshed, renews and revitalizes to reveal more youthful, healthy and hydrated skin. Recommended for all skin types. Book Now


Cleanse, purify and soothe your skin with our complete menu of rejuvenating facial services.
Intense Anti-Aging Facial
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Intense Anti-Aging Facial Halt the passage of time with our high-powered facial that reduces visible signs of aging with triple exfoliation, soothing seaweed masks, concentrated regenerative serums, and remodeling massage. Book Now
O2 Relax Facial
O2 Relax Facial offered in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Quench dull, dehydrated skin with a pure oxygen treatment that energizes your cells to open pores, eliminate toxins, restore beautiful tone and promote relaxation. Book Now
Oil-Reducing Grapefruit Facial
cabo-san-lucas-resort-spa-offerning-anti-oily-skin-facial-th Our delicious smelling skin treatment cleanses and stabilizes your skin's oil glands with exquisite grapefruit extracts, nourishing Vitamin C and natural antioxidants. Book Now
Skin Comfort - Sensitive Touch
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Skin Comfort Facial Facilities Gentle botanical ingredients repair, soothe and decongest sensitive and reactive skin to improve appearance, restore balance and strengthen against harmful environmental elements. Book Now

Body Treatments

Immerse yourself in the serenity of a rejuvenating, full-body experience to feel your tension melt away under the expert hands of our talented spa therapists.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C Body treatment in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Recapture firmness and definition in the most delicate areas with this treatment that incorporates an innovative vitamin concentrate to revitalize, tone and soften the appearance of stretch marks. Book Now
Bamboo Body Scrub
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Bamboo Body Scrub treatment Our therapists massage and exfoliate skin with a delicate bamboo body scrub that removes impurities and refreshes with healing, hydrating and renewing anti-inflammatory complexes. Book Now
Vitamin C Body Scrub
Vitamin C Body scrub treatment in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Our refreshingly aromatic scrub instantly brightens with micro-granules that renew skin's surface to unveil an unparalleled velvety feel. Book Now
Detox Body Treatment
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Detox Body Treatment Out therapists apply a gentle bamboo body scrub followed by a warm seaweed body mask to increase circulation, encourage toxin elimination and soften skin. Book Now
After Sun Tepezcohuite Aloe
After Sun Tepezcohuite Aloe treatment in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Treat your skin to a first aid rescue after a day of overexposure to the sun. Regenerating and hydrating aloe and tepezcohuite combine with a calming element to make this treatment a soothing remedy for damaged skin. Book Now
Lavender Body Wrap
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Lavender Body Wrap treatment Enjoy the relaxing properties of lavender with soothing wrap that rebalances and restores skin with gentle exfoliation, an ultra-creamy body mask and a luxurious aromatherapy serum. Book Now
Mango Cocoa Body Scrub
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Mango Coco Body Scrub treatment This innovative treatment removes dead skin with a soft exfoliation of nourishing, hydrating mango and cocoa to smooth skin and prepare your body for a perfect bronze. Book Now


Experience the power of spiritual reawakening with exotic rituals designed to heal emotional stress and restore balance between the mind and body.
Royal Citrus Experience
Enjoy Royal Citrus Experience in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Experience a delicious sensory journey with this exquisite ritual designed to enrich and revitalize face and body. Innovative antioxidants restore density, fill in wrinkles and leave your skin radiant, luminous and looking spectacular. Book Now
Temazcal Steam Lodge Ceremony
Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa offering Temazcal Ceremony Surround yourself with the healing powers of the four elements - fire, earth, water and air. This ritual balances mind and body to encourage a spiritual re-awakening, heal emotions, release fears, and help you reconnect with others. Book Now
Oxigen Infusion Ritual
Oxigen Infusion Ritual at Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa "Facial, body treatment, massage"
The oxygen infusion ritual are specially designed to hydrate and purify the skin while the muscles are relaxed with a personalized massage.
Book Now
Pre-Hispanic Bath
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa offering PreHispanic Bath Powerful indigenous herbs create a healing ancient bath ritual that stimulates internal organs, cleanses the body and regulates the natural flow of energy. Ideal for those suffering with muscle pain, asthma, arthritis, poor digestion, and water retention. Book Now

Salon Services

Enjoy an impressive menu of upscale salon services, ideal for wedding days, special events, hair styling and bringing out your full compliment of beauty.
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa offering Hands Salon Services Give your hands some much-needed attention with a nourishing manicure. You'll enjoy a soothing soak, exfoliation, nail maintenance, a hydrating mask, and a relaxing massage for soft and beautiful hands. Book Now
Feet Salon Services in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Hard working feet can take a break with our soothing pedicure services. Bathe in aromatic essences and elixirs, enjoy a refreshing exfoliation and a heavenly foot massage, plus attentive service for nails and cuticles. Book Now
Enjoy Ictiotherapy in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa This revolutionary treatment invites the help of freshwater GarraRufa doctor fish for a very fashionable cleansing and skin regeneration. Your feet will feel like they're being scrubbed with tiny, tingly brushes. Book Now
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa offering Depilation/Waxing Facilities Prepare your skin for beauty and the beach with our waxing services for lips, eyebrows, chin, back, underarms, legs, bikini, and Brazilian. Book Now
Hair Styling
Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Hair Salon Services Get a new look or primp your current style with our complete professional hair care services, including everything from color, cut, and hair treatments to curls, flat iron, blow-dry, and special occasions. Hair extensions available upon request. Book Now
Make-Up Application
Make-up Facilities availiable in Cabo San Lucas Resort Spa Whether you want a total look or just need a touch up, our professional make-up services help you look your best. We also offer Special Occasion cosmetic services for you and your bridal party. Our make-up services include complete color consultation to complement your attire. Book Now
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